Welcome to the Nostalgia section - perhaps the main reason for creating this web site!! Here we share our recollections of the clubs that we played at and the artists that we have listened to and performed with. In this section you can click on the menu links to look back at the Folk Clubs of the 70s and 80s and you can remember some of the top acts that graced the scene in those days.

In the Photos section you can find some snaps of ourselves and other artists that we have met and performed with over the years.

Many of the acts that we supported very kindly allowed me to tape their performances straight off our P.A. Using a Sony Professional Walkman (the bees-knees in those days!) I have captured some remarkable performances. I agreed, of course, that these tapes were for my own enjoyment only. That was in the days before the Internet and now that it is possible to share some of these recordings very easily I might make them available through this site if I have permission!!

Should anybody wish to add to these recollections then please drop us an email. Details in the Contact Us section..


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