News Archive from 2009 to 2012.

15th February 2012 - Just learned that Johnny Silvo had passed away just before Christmas. A regular at The Bell and Pump when we were residents there, Johnny was still performing until recently. There is a facebook page dedicated to him.

15 February 2012 - Just had to redesign the web site as it was hosted by Microsoft Office Live Small Business who are shutting down in March and going over to the new Office 365. There is a new email to get in touch of should you want to.

26 March 2011 - Sad News - I've just heard that City Music in Birmingham has ceased trading. We have been buying our gear from there for the best part of 30 years or more and it's really sad to hear that Graham has finally closed the business. These days it's hard to run a business, never mind one that has to compete with large chains who specialise in Internet sales. Why would anybody in their right mind buy a guitar unseen from the Internet?? Thanks to Graham, Kel and Dave for all the support over the years and for being good company - even if all I wanted was a cup of tea! At least I'm glad to see that David has found new employment at Guitar Guitar on the Hagley Road. I will be taking my custom there in future.... but it won't be the same.

26 November 2010 - Had an email recently from our old pal Alan Bolt. He came across the web site and dropped us a line. He is living down in Lincolnshire now and is still performing. Many of you will remember Alan from the folk club days when he performed regularly all over the midlands and ran several clubs himself. Our most memorable night with Alan was at the live recording of a show for Gentlefolk on BBC Radio Birmingham from our club at the Bulls Head in Kings Norton sometime towards the end of the 70s when we all had long hair...even Chris! I can still remember his "Bongo" song and the audience joining in with great enthusiasm!! Nice to hear from you Alan.

6th April 2010 - There were some pictures taken at the BMG Rally concert that we played at a couple of weeks ago. We can't show them on the web site...being asked to pay to display photos of ourselves...bit much!! However, if you look around....!!

18th March 2010 - Hi All. A couple of weeks ago we played at the Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation's Bi-annual festival weekend. We kicked the procedings off with Gordon Giltrap doing the guest spot. The evening was a little strange as an organisational problem meant a shortened set which threw us a bit!! Suffice to say that when you completetly forget a song that you have been playing for 25 years then we might have been a bit distracted (that's being kind!). Anyway - nice to see Gordon again - I first met him 37 years ago!!! Great Player and a much bigger pedal board than I have!!

9th January 2010 - We now have a Malfunction Facebook page. I have invited a few people to be "Fans" whatever that means. Anybody out there with pictures of us who would like to upload them??

8th January 2010 - We've recently had a great email from John Mitchell. Those of you on the folk circuit around the same time as us will remember John as being the organiser of several Midland folk clubs including Grimstocks, The Late Night Folk Club at The Rep, Furnace End Folk Festival and several others. John was reminiscing with us about the Birmingham Folk Scene in the 70s and 80s and put me right on a couple of points in our Nostalgia section. John is now living in The Phillipines. Should anyone like to drop him a message his email is

25th December 2009 - Happy Christmas. If you have read through the site you will know that we have performed many times with the late Jake Thackray. Well, it's a bit late for last minute Christmas presents but there has been a live DVD released " Jake Thackray Live at the Unicorn" that sounds great. If you want further info about this visit to place your order.

25th December 2009 - There are a couple more videos on the My Space site also taken from the Crescent show in 1998 - both were new songs for us at the time - Nothing Ever Happens (with assistance from Chris's daughter Anna!!) and Big River. They are both still new songs!!

13th December 2009 - The next gig...albeit 3 months at the Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Festival Rally Evening Concert along with Gordon Giltrap. It's at Edgbaston School for Girls on Friday March 5th 2010 at 7.30. You can find out more by clicking Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Festival Rally The concert is open to non members and tickets can be bought from the phone number on the above link.

13th December 2009 - There's a nice bit about the Bromsgrove gig that Alan and Glynn have put on the Dandy Web Site together with a photo. Alan took a few photos but we haven't seen them yet - wonder if the camera is still working. Why not have a look at Dandy's site

28th Nov 2009 - Many thanks to everybody who turned out to the gig at Bromsgrove Folk Club last week - especially all the old friends. It was great to see many of the regulars from the Princes Corner club that we used to run as well as friends from the old "folk scene", Norman Wheatley and out old mates Dandy! Alan and Glynn said they had never seen us from the front!! It was a great night with a lovely audience who joined in the songs and indulged in the nostalgia. We were a bit nervous at first not having played for 10 months but soon settled into it.

25th Nov 2009 - Malfunction at the Bromsgrove Folk Club - Thursday Nov 26th. Club starts at 8.15pm. Looking forward to seeing old friends!!

31st October 2009 - Coming Up - One of those very rare occassions that is known as a Malfunction gig!! We are on at the Bromsgrove Folk Club on Thursday 26th November. See for all the details of how to get there to witness this infrequent event!!

30th May 2009 - Confirmation of a new March 2010! We are supporting the great Gordon Giltrap at the Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Festival and Rally at Edgbaston School for Girls in Birmingham. If we start rehearsing now we might just be ready by then!!

4th May 2009 - Clare, Barney and the rest of Team Barnard successfully completed the London Marathon - Well done to everybody concerned - now go and have a lie down!!

10th April 2009 - MySpace have increased the number of songs that you can upload so there are a four more Malfunction tracks to have a listen to! Hangman and You Can't change the World are from BBC recordings in 1979!

28th March 2009 - It appears that the myspace site is getting quite a few hits and the songs are being played. Why not drop us an email or a message if you visit the site - comments on the music are optional!!

28th March 2009 - Had an email from Dave Ashton recently. Dave was our bass player from 1976 to 1981 and in his email Dave reminisced about some of the strange things that happened to us in the early days (most of which I remember quite clearly!). It was great to hear from him again.

22nd March 2009 - We have been in touch with the Bromsgrove Folk Club who have booked us for a gig next November. It will be good to renew a few more old aquaintances when we go there.

21st March 2009 - Thanks to everybody for making the gig at St. Mary's such a success. Chris's daughter Clare and boyfriend Christopher are part of "Team Barnard" that are running (walking!!) the London Marathon this year to raise funds for the Brain and Spine Foundation . Thanks to the generosity of everybody who came to the gig, who donated the raffle prizes (and the bike) and to Andrew who played such a great set we raised over £1000.